My new M&P Pro9L Core compared to my STI. Am I expecting too much?


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I just put in my Apex flat faced trigger kit. I too had accuracy issues, I first blamed the gun then I did more research on grip and trigger technique. Groups where much better after more practice just like anything. Now I have shot about 500 rounds through the gun and no failures. Main reason I went and bought the Apex trigger so quick was I shot a buddies Core with Apex internals and stock trigger, 3pounds area. Best group I have ever shot and it was with a .40S&W. I will let you know if the Apex flat trigger is just as good. BTW its sells for $157 Prime 2 Day shipping through Amazon. I also went ahead and bought an Apex armors block from Amazon for like $28 Prime 2 Day shipping. Off Apex's official site Flat Faced Trigger runs $180 shipped, for $5 more you can get an Apex Armors block with the trigger kit on amazom.

Shot the set up this morning and was night and day difference. all my shots were within 2inchs from each other some much closer and in a 2" circle.
I can't say anything about the accuracy but my M&P40L CORE shoots just fine.
As for the reliability issue. I had about 10 jams within a month. Turns out it was the mags. I took them apart, cleaned them out and that was the end of my failures to feed.

With a full mag and the slide closed and you insert a mag and rack it you could see the drag marks from the slide on the first bullet before it chambers. Turns out the packing grease/coating on the mags were the issue.

I got the tip from a buddy of mine that had the same issue with his M&P45 and also cleaned the mags out and then there was happiness.

Since then (May 2015) till now the only failures I've had were dead primers but I can't blame the pistol for that.

G Tinney

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I tried an M&P for a short time and had the exact same issue with it. I sent it back to Smith & Wesson twice because of it. Both times they didn't do anything to it and said that it was still with in their specs. It didn't take me long to pass it on and make it someone's else's problem.

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How would it strip a round out of the magazine if it wasn't making contact like this especially because of the angle the feed lips keep the top round at? Both my M&P pistols do this. Only way they don't is if they're empty. Maybe I read the post wrong? Accurate Ron could definitely answer this.


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hey man I hope you installed you apex kit. night and day difference with practice. I have had mine in for around 600 rounds now and I actually shot 2-3" group in the a zone head at 25 yards.
I have gone through around 1100 rounds in my M&P core and have not had one failure besides 7-8 light primer strikes b.c I put in a lower power striker spring for a day. I have never had problems with my mags for 9mm. I have two different models of S&W mags too.


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to come to the same skill level as you were at. Like the hours and hours of dryfire you need just to put mag changes back on par, and the 1 to 2 thousand rounds you need to get timing and accuracy back..