Need a new man bag


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So I need a bag to carry a change of clothes if I want to head to the gym that I can also use as a manly diaper bag. I'm leaning towards the Moab 10 since I have a Rush backpack already. I'd like a sling bag if possible. Anyone use the Moab 10 or something similar they'd recommend?

Jake S

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That a pic from your college days Tony? Lol

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Cyrwus Jr.
No Tony. He said he needs a bag, not a satchel.


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Jennifer Herd Seymour

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You could get a clutch instead of a satchel. Man bag? What man bag? :nyam:

The Antichrome

Dang, I hate it when they stop making my favorite stuff...looks like they replaced it with the 'Lunara' bag.

(the Mistral was originally designed because my boss at Arc'teryx needed a diaper bag that looked more like a messenger bag)

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