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"GUN PARTS". Last fall when driving back from town I saw a sign stating that there was an "Estate Sale" at this house. So, being the nosy 'ol guy that I am, I stopped to see what this was all about.
As I walked past a table I saw a box with a label that stated "Gun Parts $65.00". Opening the box, yup, there were gun parts in it, and I wondered if indeed ALL the parts were in it:


I asked the lady who was holding the estate sale for her late father if the price was correct. She said it was and she just wanted these parts out of the hose so her kids didn't find 'em. Don't know what they would've done with those parts if the did find 'em? So, I paid her the asking price and asked about any other items like this and she told me all the other firearms had been purchased and gone out the door.
By the time I got back to my shop my interest had been piqued to the point that I just had to investigate what was all there, or missing. Only item I found AWOL was one grip screw:


Luck like this doesn't come along but once in a blue moon, so after I got it back together I ran a magazine full of CCI Mini-Mags through it. Works just fine.


Great find. I have an AMT Auto Mag in .22 WMR. Accurate enough but it suffers in the reliability department which as I understand was common to that caliber in a semi auto handgun.

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