New California Gun Laws


El Diablo
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So this happened today.
Basically, most ALL modern firearms will now become illegal in California


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That's the equivalent of giving everyone on the titanic a pair of those blow up arm thingys the kids wear. It makes the lazy grown ups feel safer. Fuckingidiots!


El Diablo
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My favorite part is the last line in his memo, "while protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners".

El Jefé

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Can that place just get it over with and have the big one that makes it slide into the sea? Please.

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I've read that the new laws go into effect in July 2017.

That gives folks a year to either move out to a free state or at least ship their illegal shit out of state.

If you are leaving California and headed our way for a lot of freedom, welcome.

If you are one of the SOB liberals that think these laws will do a damn thing to make you safe, please stay put.

After all, with all those bad high cap magazines finally gone and those nasty assault rifles registered, you have no reason to leave your Utopia.

There is nowhere else you and your liberal ideas are welcomed.

Some Texans want to secede from the Union. Everyone except Californians want California to secede. Oh and take Chicago, Detroit and New Orleans with you.

Bunch of dicks.


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The law is coming for them. They should really be focused on starting militias and doing drills every weekend, but they are going to just give it all up like good little slaves. Tyranny is winning. Calguns Foundation should be fundraising hard for legal fees.

Scott Hearn

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benny hill said:
wonder if they will grandfather the ar's and hi caps there now in or is the 3-gunners there fucked??
I could be wrong, but based on what I've seen, they are hosed in about a year.

Edit: Actually it's 1-Jan they get hosed. Looks like they can keep the guns as long as they live, but can't pass them down or transfer them. Mags are gone come January. Ammo is gonna be tough to get in any quantity. Don't know how/if it will affect reloading.

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