New Ruger Mark IV Style

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Was perusing the web-site I got a bit excited over a distributor version of the Ruger Mark IV. This newer version is like the Ruger Mark III I looked for, back in the day, for almost 2 years before I finally found one:


The funny thing is, Ruger didn't make many of the Mark III Hunters in this variation, so part of my 'pause, involved why the heck they would now offer a Mark IV version to distributors to sell. Well, I'm definitely gonna order one of these as soon as I find them available, mainly because of the "interchangeability" of the Mark IV uppers and how some outfits like Volquartsen have been selling take-offs for some very desirable pricing:




I like my Mark III hunter with the longer barrel. The brake and forward dot keep a steady muzzle during steel challenge matches. No barrel flip from the bolt cycling.


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