Off-Roading/Sightseeing in OK?


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When it starts warming up I plan on taking the family for a ride out of the city to enjoy some outdoors. My 4Runner isn't a 4x4 so we won't be doing anything too crazy, but I'd like to find some decent trails that might lead to some nice sight seeing.

Any suggestions?


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san bois mountains. south of stigler there are hundred miles of forestry roads. we ride our atv's down there all the time during the spring and summer.great scenery and some pretty good camping.


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It's the mountain range that robbers cave is in. It starts west of quintin and runs almost to panama or spire. We usually ride either south of kinta or south of stifled. The mountains are just south of hwy go in south of sticker go east of hwy 82 until you see a sign that says panther church. Turn south on that road and go south till you enter the woods. There is some old deercamp sights on the side of the road to Park in. Then you ride anywhere you like from there.


Just didn't make much sense to buy a 4x4 in OK. Plus I got a good deal on it.
Ok, you live in the city. I understand now. :D

Go to this link and there are lots of 1 day road trips. Pretty interesting place to schedule some driving trips and see a lot of Ok.
you can go to the wichita wildlife refuge near lawton. not much for offroading, but you can get up on mt scott for great views. also alot of places for a picnic. can see buffalo, longhorns, elk.


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The forest service roads leading to/from the Talimena Drive are very scenic. Of course the Talimena Drive itself is excellent. Pretty long for a day trip, but great scenery.

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