Official 2015 Centerfire Deer gun season contest.


Contest starts November 15, and ends December 31. (Different states have different seasons. If your season is earlier, let me know)

Winner will be drawn by Random Number Generator with the video posted in the thread.

This is for Centerfire Rifle, or pistol on deer, elk, antelope, or Caribou. Exotics are eligible too.
If you took a deer or one of the above ^^^^^, with a Muzzle Loader, your eligible to enter this contest as well.

This thread is for entries only. No discussion allowed. Just post a pic, and brief story with the date, etc.

You can post a full story that allows discussion of your hunt in the deer hunting contest discussion thread.

Good luck out there, and be safe. :yes:


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I spent the entire opening weekend hunting for a particular 8-point I've been spotting all summer but he never showed up to play. I set out Monday morning (11/9) to take a doe but I saw this trashy cull running around and chasing does. Remington 700 chambered in 30-06 shooting Hornady 150g at 125 yards in Voss, Texas.



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Georgia legalized hunting with silencers for the 2014 season. Unfortunately I didn't get my stamp back in time to take advantage of it in 2014. I remedied that fact on Saturday, though.
Rifle: Remington 700 LTR, .308 Win.
Scope: Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10X40 M3 in Nightforce rings and base
Suppressor/Dragging handle: AAC SDN-6



Today was a good day. I took another doe and a nice buck.

Both taken with the AR .243 WSSM. Kinda proud of the shot on the buck. 433 yds on the range finder. I've been dinging a lot of steel at the range on our 300 yd targets, so adding another hundred wasn't much of a problem. Zero wind.

Here is the doe.



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This guy was taken on 11/28. I only saw his left side and took him on a trot after a doe ran off. It's a shame his right side is broken because he would have scored well. Nice big body with plenty of mass.



Got a doe tonight with the S&W .45LC. 250 grain Hornady SST. She made about 50 yds before collapsing in a water hole.

That .45 makes a silver dollar sized hole. Nice expansion.


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On 11/22/15, I shot a doe at about 130 yards and bambi ran away and stopped. My dad shot bambi when he stopped at 150-160 yards.




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Since Bill aready started it, this thread is open for discussion now. :D

Get those archery contest entries in. Time is running out!

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dennishoddy said:
The winner of the centerfire deer contest is wixthedog.
He wins a $50 dollar certificate to Blade-Tech.

Send a Pm to Burk with your shipping address.
Congrats on the win and having a great deer season. [emoji106]
Have not received anything from him yet. I have certificate ready to ship

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