OKCGC News 10.13.15

Burk Cornelius

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1) For any club members planning to go to the Action Pistol Ranges to practice, check the club calendar. The Cowboys have all the bays reserved for their Regional Match running through the 18th.

2) The October Steel Challenge Match is CANCELLED. We will resume normal schedule in November.

3) The October 3-Gun Match will be held on the 5th Saturday October 31st – NOT the usual 4th Saturday. That’s just for the month of October. Also, 3-Gun matches will start at 9AM, sign-in starting about 8:30 – that’s the “new normal”.
You need to cite your post Burk.
“Any rebroadcast, retransmission, or account of john bents email, without the express written consent of Okcgc
is prohibited,”
That's a bummer I was really looking forward to this weekend steel challenge.... Looks like all see you guys in November

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