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[from John Bent, OKCGC]

Some of you may have noticed that we are starting the construction of new Safe Areas that are under the extended overhand of our shade covers. That will be a big improvement and provide more safe areas on our norther bays which currently have none. These areas will have heavily protected walls to prevent any accidental discharge from getting a bullet loose since the Safe Areas are at the end of a berm between two adjacent bays.

In early 2016 we will be doing major upgrades to our Wi-Fi system which will resolve a number of issues we have dealt with in the past. Better coverage will improve our ability to sync stage devices and post interim match results for review. It will also support surveillance equipment being installed for security of club property.

Scoring issue: At the last match we had an issue arise (again) with an impossible time recorded for a shooter’s stage. We’ve discussed this in the past. I’ve posted a better explanation on our scores page; here is the direct link: http://www.okcgunclub.org/electronic_scoring.html

Safety is paramount in our action shooting sport. We have an enviable safety record and it is vital to our continued success that we keep it that way. Our match rules provide the necessary controls and structure to make sure that everyone goes home safe, having had a fair and fun experience.

We have had a few safety issues reported over the last few months and perhaps it’s time for a broadcast reminder to everyone:

1. Safe Areas are the ONLY place where firearms may be handled except under the direct supervision of the Range Officer in response to a direct command – typically the “Make Ready” command on a course of fire. Any other handling of firearms is considered unsafe gun handling and subject to match disqualification.

2. Ammunition, loaded magazines or speedloaders are NOT to be handled in the Safe Areas. It is permissible to have loaded magazines on your belt, pockets, range bag, etc. in the Safe Area – leave them alone! Violation of that is also a match disqualification.

We need to be vigilant and take appropriate action any time we see a safety violation. We all have occasional “brain farts” and usually a quick reminder resolves any problem. We also have new shooters almost every match; we need to set the right example and live by the rules.

As 2015 draws to a close, I want to thank everyone for their help and support throughout the year – the many volunteers who help set stages, run matches, stay and help teardown after the matches are over, contribute time and expertise to make our ranges and facilities better….. and to everyone who comes to shoot our matches and helps with resetting stages, keeping scores, RO’ing… whatever needs to be done. This applies not only to our USPSA matches, but also Steel Challenge, ICORE, and 3-Gun. It’s been a very successful year and we have a vibrant, growing Division.

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