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Dear Members:

At the August board meeting, the Board of Directors implemented revised guidelines as they pertain to new requests to become a Voting Member. The requirements are set out below:
  1. Must be a member in good standing for at least three (3) years.
  2. Pay a non-refundable fee of $100.00 upon acceptance.
  3. Write a letter to the Board outlining past contributions to the club andfuture plans and goals.
  4. Provide a written endorsement or sponsorship from a club official(board member or division chairman).
  5. Appear before the Board if requested to do so.
Our goal is to encourage participation in the Oklahoma City Gun Club by making a concen-trated effort to grant voting rights to those who are truly invested in the gun club. We need Voting Members who are willing to give back to the club and invest their time and energies into making the OKCGC the best it can be. We are an all-volunteer organization and it takes dedicated individuals who are willing to step up and give back. Written requests for becoming a Voting member can either be emailed to: [email protected] or mailed to: OKCGC, PO Box 32043, Oklahoma City, OK 73003.

In addition, current Voting Members will be expected to vote in our yearly elections. Begin-ning with 2017, any Voting members who do not vote in two consecutive elections will be reduced to Associate membership. Our voting process is accessible either online or via US Mail. We have worked very diligently at making the process simple and the fact we have roughly 50% of our Voting Members actually voting, is extremely disappointing. Our goal is to encourage 100% participation. If there are any questions in regards to the new guidelines for becoming a Voting Member or anything in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact me or a club official.

Hope everyone has a great Fall!
Suzi Rouse, President

Burk Cornelius

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Jesse Tischauser said:
So am I losing my voting status? I voted for Phil and for Curk Bornelius for the last five years.
Phil got in. Curk got caught up in some kind of scandal

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I'm bringing this post back to the front. We need more people to sign up and apply to become a voting member.

If you want to be represented or have a say in what happens or doesn't happen at the club, please send a quick email and step-up.

If you don't speak up, you'll be spoken for


Looks good to me
I like to vote. This is only my third calendar year to be a member though, and not 3 full years. Do you think that matters? The club is gonna be yuge!