PCC Conversion Vs Dedicated Lower

While common sense dictates that having a tool specific to the job will perform better than a tool generalized for multiple jobs. It doesn't mean that the second tool is garbage. However in the shooting world there is a lot of garbage to weed through sometimes!

I have a local range that does 2 gun PCC matches and the USPSA groups are starting to offer PCC. So it's time I jumped on that bandwagon! My question though is do any of you use or have used or really know about a magwell conversion that isn't totally useless and could handle competition use? I have several losers collecting dust that need purpose I would like to use if at all possible. Each one had a purpose but once I started shooting matches I decided I didn't need that many specialized ARs that would just collect dust. Many of the conversions are almost the price of a cheaper glock mag lower but if I buy a dedicated lower I would rather get something nicer (so I'm all ears for input there too)
Any suggestions on which lower to get? I'll probably over research this like I did my AR build. I would prefer to get a matched upper/lower if I'm going to buy dedicated. I see a lot on QC10 but they don't have matched sets in stock


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I bought a "blem" lower on sale directly from QC-10. I was able to save some $$ on the build going that route. I never found anything that I would consider a blemish and it functions perfectly. I bought the QC-10 upper (and most of the rest of the parts) from Boomer Shooter sponsor Make Ready Pro Shop. The upper and lower match up great even though they are not technically a "matched set".
Travis, by matched set it didn't have to be "matched" but all my google searching had shown up with the upper being out of stock. I'm going to assume that this is temporary and just keep searching. It'll give me time to piece together the rest of the parts


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Jesse Tischauser said:
Get a dedicated gun. Conversions are never 100%
Not true.
If you use a quality mag block like Hahn, or Rock River and quality mags like the ones offered from Brownells, you're good to go.

I use a Rock River block and Brownells mags and still manage to beat those crotchety open shooters.
The price difference on the Hahn block and dedicated lower are almost negligible. If it was $100 or less I could see the value but at around $200 vs the $250 blem lower i might as well just get the dedicated lower


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If you go dedicated Glock lower make sure you get that Magwell smooth as can be. I see a lot of Glock mag sticking during reloads


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I started with the Hahn block insert...............hated it...but I used the UZI mags. The reloads sucked cause the UZI mags were hard for me to get in very fast. I switched to the QC-10 with a JP Bolt so I could use the Glock mags and haven't had any issues since. Make Ready Pro Shop hooked me up on a complete lower setup and it works flawless with my upper from Benny. My backup PCC still has the block and UZI mags.....just haven't switched it yet and probably won't since I may put it up for sale.

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My QC10 lower has been perfect for me. Running with a JP Bolt and glock mags. They fall free every time and I haven't had any feeding issues through 3 matches with it. I don't have any experience with the mag block but I can't imagine it being better than something that was designed and built specifically for PCC.

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My Hahn block has been good too, but I built a QC10 for PCC. I find the reloads are much easier with the Colt mags for some reason, probably because I don't run Uzi mags and it's a straight angle. They are a real bitch to load though, a Maglula is pretty much mandatory past 10 rounds, that spring in Colt mags is the real deal.


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I also went with QC-10 lower, Upper and just about everything else from MakeReadyProShop.com. As for reloads, the taccom magwell is ugly but it helps a ton. JP bolt and barrel. Have had zero issues.

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Joe_Michalek said:
Travis, by matched set it didn't have to be "matched" but all my google searching had shown up with the upper being out of stock. I'm going to assume that this is temporary and just keep searching. It'll give me time to piece together the rest of the parts
The QC10 upper receivers are actually made by Vltor. They've been out of stock for a while now & they don't know when they'll be getting more. You can use the Nordic upper here ( http://www.makereadyproshop.com/nordic-nc15-extruded-upper-receiver/ ) for 9mm without any issues. They look fine together. This is actually what most of my customers do.
I saw they were vltor mur receivers. I have used a lot of Nordic parts for my shotguns. Never really thought about using a receiver by them. Thanks for the lead!

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