Posting images AND YOU!


B Class Nobody
OK so I see people say things like "I couldn't figure out how to attach an image" all the time, which shouldn't happen because it's really easy. Also the "attach image" feature in this forums software is sub-optimal. This is a guide to posting images on forums.

So say you have an interesting/hilarious picture you want to show all your fellow keyboard commandos on BS, like this image macro featuring our own Burk Cornelius:


The first thing you need to do is to find a free image host. Just use Imgur. Photobucket, imageshack, etc are all crap. Imgur is really easy to use, and they do nice stuff like strip metadata from your images (so that someone can't find out where you live from pictures you post in classified ads, for instance).

So the first thing you do, after you put "" in your browser's address bar, is click here to upload something from your computer:

You'll get some kind of dialog box that looks kinda like this but not exactly because you probably use Windows:

Select the image you want and push the button that says "OK" or "Upload" or whatever.

Then you'll see this:

Click "Start Upload." Some stuff will happen, and then you'll see this:

Now if you look over on the right side, there's all different text boxes. You want this one:

Double-click on the text and enter Control-C (Windows), Command-C (Mac), or just right click and select Copy like so:

Now that you've got it copied, paste it into a message on BoomerShooter (Control-V if you're on Windows, Command-V on Mac, or right-click and select "paste"):


Click the "post" button and VOILA!

Now YOU TOO can be an awful shitposter like me!