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Mike wolever(hunter_dmw12) said:
Start moving the complainers to the bottom. This prosses works just finefine. If you want more entries get your ass out and shoot more matches. Participate in the forum and you would find out how this works. And take it from me sometimes it is good to be last. Brandon the prosses works there us no need to fix it.
I really haven't seen that many complaints, some general unwarranted impatience possibly, but not many outright complaints. Then again, maybe I haven't looked for them that closely. I have, however, seen a great deal of defensiveness when anything regarding the process is mentioned. There may be more bellyaching in PM's, but I wouldn't know about that either.

as I posted in my last post on any of these matters... /shrug cause that's about all I really care.


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Random number generators aren't random. It is impossible for anything controlled by a computer to be random. The only truly random thing I have ever seen is whether or not my wife is going to wake up loving me or hating me. If that is truly random, then that means there is a 50% chance one way or another. Based on the number of days she's woken up hating me, the last 30 years of my life should be filled with love.



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I could create a computer program in Python that would automate this entire process. Everyone would submit their list of preferred prizes ranked from first to last (in an online form for automation), then the script could choose a person at random, look up his/her preferred prize (moving down his/her ranked list to account for claimed prizes), email that person a description of his/her prize, then iterate at random until the prizes are gone (the results would also be saved in a spreadsheet format). The program/script would take a bit to code...but after that, this whole process would be cut down to about 15 seconds (give or take a few).


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Hey, nothing to add to the convo. I'm just trying to bump my post count so that I can get a cool new title. Perhaps howitzer is after .50 BMG!


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dr poopgiggle said:

Yay, boosted my post count with one word also. Wait nope. That's 12 words. No, now that I added "That's 12 words", that went to 14 words, assuming we don't count "12" as a word and we only count "That's" as one word. Maybe I should have typed "twelve" instead of "12" and actually typed out "That is" instead of "That's" to show I'm not just trying to boost my post count with one-word sentences. Is it still a sentence if it only has one word? I'm not very good with grammer. Or is it "grammar"? Editing software didn't highlight either one in red, but that may be because I put "grammar" in quotations. Let's see-sorry, I mean Let us see; grammar. Nope, didn't correct it either way.


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