Range Officer Class in Oklahoma - Gauging Interest


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Whew! Class is over!
Thanks to Ray Hirst for making the trip to OKC to teach the course. He shared with us his years & years of experience of RO’ing, since like 1987 I believe.
Thanks to Cary Rowton for doing all the leg work & patience of making the course happen. Everything seemed perfectly in place.

Hopefully, we will have some new ROs spreading their wings & jumping in to help out at matches very soon.

All of the old pros & experts at RO’ing, be nice to the newbies. They might be a little nervous & intimidated at first.


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Congratulations to 22 new certified Range Officers. Ask for the timer at your next match and run a few shooters. The more beeps you get the more comfortable you'll feel.

Thanks to H&H Shooting Sports for hosting the class, Ray Hirst for teaching the class and big thanks to Bryan Hoover for getting things set up.


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This was an excellent course! Ray Hirst has an incredible background for teaching this course! Its one thing to learn the USPSA rulebook, but Ray taught its another level to analyze a competition situation and quickly apply the rulebook correctly.