Recoil Magazine leak confirms Glock 43 = Singlestack 9mm


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Matt Rigsby sucks rotten eggs while chasing it with a pickled hot link :eek:

I carry a shield in 40S&W these days and the Glock goes on RZR rides cause it'll go boom even in the worst conditions. Jesse you want flashy take a look at the Crossroad holsters... only IWB holster I have found I actually wear, Ross is over close to Edmond too so he's local. Later,



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Wall said:
lol.....10mm FTW
I feel like there are a bunch of Fudds who say "yeah I'm shooting a Glock but it's a 10mm and I'm using a Weaver stance so I don't need to turn in my Jeff Cooper Fan Club card."


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Matt Rigsby said:
I've spent quite a few hours fixing Glocks. They suck..
In my experience, you only have to fix them when you mess with them. I've broken 1 trigger return spring and 1 mag release spring in like 40-50K rounds on my glocks. Definitely beats the shit out of any other platform from a straight reliability standpoint. Vogel started shooting glocks after running STI's for 3 years specifically because he got tired of dealing with equipment issues.

I pre-ordered a Glock 40 MOS as soon as the news leaked out before shot show. There are already tons of tiny carry guns. Who else makes a semi-auto long slide that holds 15rds of 10mm?


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I'm just giving Matt a hard time since it's been SO long since I've seen him. One thing is they are all mechanical and will give you fits! some more than others and yes when you start making things better just like a ran engine there is more upkeep. Later,



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Robbie said:
In my experience, you only have to fix them when you mess with them.
This is very true. Glocks run all day long in stock form. Spit some lube in there every once in awhile and feed it bullets, done.

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