Review of AP1 class at TDSA


Consistently Inconsistent
Thanks to the Boomer Shooter Contingency Program, I was fortunate enough to receive a certificate for the TDSA ACP1 Class. For those of you who are not familiar with this pistol training course, here is a link to the course description from the TDSA web site:

I took the ACP1 class at TDSA October 17-18 2015. This was my second opportunity to take this class. The first time I took the class, I was a very new shooter who had never owned a semi-auto firearm until in my fifties.

The first class introduced me to the fundamentals that I would need to learn to become a better shooter. I feel the time between the first class, and now this second time through, gave me time to work on my shooting and make improvements, but I know I still have a long way to go.

I came into the class the second time knowing I was a better shooter than the first time through. I also know that I gained even more from taking the ACP1 class a second time. My accuracy, trigger control, and group size continually improved over the two day course, as well as the speed at which I was able to get accurate hits on target, based on the techniques taught by the TDSA staff.

I would highly recommend this class with Marshall and his staff for any gun owner. It is not enough to just be a gun owner, you need training to learn the fundamentals of shooting, to run the gun, and help prepare yourself for the day where just owning a gun will not save your life, or a family member's. Proper Training and perfect practice will be the difference when and if that day ever happens. With the techniques taught by the TDSA staff, Drill by Drill, TDSA will build you into a better shooter over the two-day course.

Whether you take this class for home or personal carry self defense, or competition shooting, your time will be well worth your commitment to this class.

This class is a great value for a two-day class with the course content, information, and world class level of training you receive from these very qualified and honorable instructors. If you truly think about the hours of instruction and drills you take part in during this class, do the math, the cost per hour for this class is an awesome value, and can not be beat elsewhere. It is no wonder there are so many return students at TDSA.