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Any discussion being considered concerning the Ruger Mark .22 rimfire pistols? I've been working on, and with, these pistols for 47 + years now and have encountered just about every quirk these pistols can conjure up. My favortie version is the Mark II, but I'm getting heavily involved with the Ruger Mark IV, now that those have been available for a little over a year now. Any questions, are certainly welcome.

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I shoot a Mark III Hunter in Steel Challenge.
Great pistol with 100% reliability when shooting the right ammo.
When I say the right ammo, I mean the ammo that has a history of reliability vs the ammo that is junk and is not reliable. Remington comes to mind.

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I hunted for this Ruger Mark III for almost 2-years before I finally found one. One of my customers told me that Williams Sight Co. had a couple in stock at their Michigan store. By the time I contacted them, this was the last one. They are rather rare.

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I built this for Steel Challenge; and then they released the Mk IV. I'd sell this one off to fund a Mk. IV just because they fired the engineer who designed the original takedown method.



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I set up this Ruger Mark III 22/45 to exclusively shoot CCI Quiet .22 Long Rifle ammunition. This pistol has a prototype bolt that weighs less than half of the 5 oz. factory steel bolt Ruger provides.

This was a quest I was bound and determined to accomplish. It has been done and now it's one of my favorite SSHHHH! type .22's that I own. :girlwerewolf:


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dennishoddy said:
Good looking pistol.
I’ll bet that’s pretty quiet. What can is she sporting?
Sorry about not getting back sooner. The suppressor was made at Lauer Weaponry in Chippewa Falls, WI. Steve is the same guy who owns, produces and sells Dura-Coat.

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