Ruger Wouldn't Do It

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I'll get a call now and then from an exasperated Ruger Mark pistol owner who tried to get Ruger to do some work on their pistol. Ruger just doesn't do some of the things that an owner will want done. Not even some things that will in no way jeopardize the safety of said firearm.
Sending any Ruger Mark pistol back to Ruger for any sort of functional issue, will only have an assembly technician replace parts until that pistol works to what Ruger states, "is their functional standard." Even when a Ruger Mark I, or II pistol is sent to Ruger for drilling and tapping for an optics base, that work is sent out to a local 'smith to have that work done. They do NOT do that stuff in-house.

So it was with my caller. His son wanted to shoot his Dad's Ruger Mark III 22/45 (Model 10149) with iron sights, so his inquiry was to see if he might have that done here. My retort was to send it here with a note as to what he wanted done:


Front sight hole drilled and tapped. Rear sight dovetail cut. All to the very same specifications done by Ruger when the barreled receivers are initially machined at their facility.

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