Sell complete or part out?


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Do you guys think I would be better off parting this rifle out? Or selling it complete? Sometimes it's hard to move a fairly custom rifle because when it comes to an AR, there are so many choices and preferences to the details...

Obviously this is a pretty light, but fully functional 3-gun rifle...Confident with 6x optic at 600+ yrds. I even hit the long target at Fallen Brethren on stage 9 in 2 shots! (thats pretty good for me, and anyone who has shot that competition knows it's a tough stage)

Battle Arms Lightweight Upper/Lower
18" Proof Research carbon fiber barrel
Alamo Four Star Cowl Induction Brake and/or SJC/Lund Titan Comp (I like both, but they shoot a little different)
JP aluminum bolt carrier
NiB bolt
JB silent captured buffer spring
Elf 3-gun trigger
Roller cam pin
SLR titanium adjustable gas block
V7 Titanium barrel nut, Aluminum take-down pins, and titanium small parts, castle nut etc.
ACE ARFX stock
Ergo grip
V7 titanium single side safety selector
15" AP customs carbon fiber hand guard

Only has maybe 500 rounds through it, but my kids youth sports have taken me out of the 3-gun game for probably the next decade!!

I'm thinking parting it out might be the best play...any thoughts?


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Probably part it out. Plan to loose your shirt on the deal. I haven't been able to move mine locally anyway.


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With high end custom stuff it's usually best to part it out or sell it to someone you know locally that trusts your building skills and knows it runs.

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