Show me your limited gun!



Cyrwus Jr.
M&P 9pro for Limited minor and 3 gun.

EAA Limited in .40 for Limited Major.


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Scott Hearn

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Matt Rigsby said:
Scott, the hi power cut on that piece is badass.
Isn't it though? The funny part is that I had looked at just about every pic posted on the internet of 2011's and couldn't make up my mind what I wanted other than I wasn't a fan of sharp serrations up front and didn't want a full length dust cover. So I just told Cyrwus to just do what he wanted with it. I think that him and Chris Anderson corroborated some and that's what I ended up getting. And I couldn't be happier! It's not gaudy or cheesy. It's tasteful and classy but still kind of racy.


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Nope not going to touch it!!!! It's hard not to but I won't... well maybe some spinner rims on it??

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