Sporting Clays charity shoot

Burk Cornelius

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Jason and I went to a sporting clays charity event today and had a great time. It was held at Quail Ridge Sporting Clays in McLoud, OK.

The only charity was that I let J beat me by 5 points.

Good times


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Burk Cornelius

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Gunnut 23 said:
Did you get the charity to sponsor Boomer shooter?
Maybe a couple certificates good for a crippled kid to come rake some leaves or something?
Or tape targets.

Good idea bro

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Cyrwus Jr.
I don't see any jerseys. How you gonna support this site without the banners?
No kid wants to rake the leaves of unsponsored dorks.


Burk Cornelius said:
The Down Syndrome
Association of Central Oklahoma. They raised almost $10,000.00

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Wish I would have known about it. I like charity shoots for good things. shot a Sporting clays match last weekend to support a rural Christian School program.
It was a really nice event. The facilities were awesome! Had a good time and learned a new game. It was definitely eye opening..I'd donit again next time tonhelp a good cause like that.

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