SPS Pantera


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The Antichrome said:
Is the trunk of his car a Safe Area?
Looks like an outlaw match. So safe area must be anywhere you can't be seen which is my favorite.
Mitch Gibson said:
Anyone else follow Pat Kelley's box to range reviews? This looks promising.

How muCh do they cost? If these import knockoffs run and are cheap I foresee STO having to get their shit together a bit.


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I saw one in .40 or .45 in a Texas gun shop a month ago. I was interested and looked online in the 9mm version. It ain't here yet as far as I could tell. I didn't find any. Hopefully they make a presence in the U.S. and offer a viable alternative to sti at an affordable price.

Brandon Deem

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BrandonM(TWSS) said:
Watched it again. He said street price of about $1150.00 at the 12:30 mark.
Yes he did. Then in the video description he said 1450.

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