Steve Anderson USPSA Training, Feb 23-24, 2019


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We have arranged for Steve Anderson, USPSA GM and mastermind of “That Shooting Show” podcast, to come for a 2-day weekend training next February. 2 full days of training and dry fire tune up. This will be perfect timing right before shooting season gets in full swing. The training agenda is packed full, and very comprehensive for all aspects to up your USPSA game.

Here are just a few of the things you’re going learn by attending this class:
• How to eliminate “brain farts” forever!
• How to draw and shoot and turn and draw in less than one second
• How to shoot accurately while moving
• How to run with a gun to shoot sooner, better, and faster
• Why you can’t train for getting faster and more accurate at the same time (not understanding this is likely keeping you from achieving both)
• What “match mode” is and how it will always allow you to shoot at your current level of skill
• Mental techniques that will help you clear your head and focus on the proper execution of your game plan
• How to be a better, quicker, and faster shooter that doesn’t need to rush, try, or hurry in a match, resulting in higher match results
• How to avoid the frustration being stuck in C or B class for years not knowing how to get out
• And a lot more...

The class will be held Saturday & Sunday, February 23rd & 24th, 2019 at OKC Gun Club, 24499 N Hiwassee Rd, Arcadia, OK 73007.

A maximum of 8 participants. Sign up quickly. Payment guarantees your slot. The cost is $450.00 plus a $25 range fee.

Items needed: USPSA gun gear, 1,000+ rounds of ammo, chair, snacks/drinks to allow for working/floating lunch & breaks.

Sign up or questions, contact Feegee Matlock at 405-208-3622 or Kelly Brown at 405-826-8240


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Currently, the class is filled. If any spots become available, we will get the word out.