SVI Infinity 9mm Stainless


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Time for a new pistol. So this old hag has to go. She's got less then 7,500 rounds through it. Comes with one mag. If you want the build sheet I can email it to you. I bought it in April 2015. I'm going to send it in for its 10k tube up and get the slide buffed and polished do it looks like New again.

Asking $4250 shipped



I'm addicted to kicking ass
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Design Number: 47531
User: Jesse Tischauser
Design Name: Stainless 9mm Sight Tracker Blue Trigger
Template Name: Infinity Sight Tracker Govt Length - Wide Body
Last Updated: 09/21/14
Quantity: 1
Serial Number: 3GUNNATION2
Special Instructions: 1. I would like the grip safety pinned. 2. I use a short and wide single sided safety for 3-Gun.
Front Slide Cut: 5 Xcelerator Serrations
Guide Rod: Stainless Steel
Radial Flute: Radial Flute
Rear Lightening: No
Rear Slide Cut: Xcelerator Serrations
Slide Material: Stainless Steel
Slide Profile: Round w/Flat Top
Slide Racker / Lightening: No
Stirrup Cut: Butler Style Top Rib: 20 lines per inch
Front Sight: .040 Green Fiber Optic .100 wide x 1.5mm Rear Sight: Infinity Rear Sight Absolute Target Zero AET Barrel Option: AET Barrel: Sight Tracker Rib Barrel Barrel Length: 5 Barrel Style: Hybrid Caliber: 9 x 19
Compensator: None
Trigger Bow: Titanium
Trigger Color: Blue
Trigger Insert Style: Curved Medium
Triglide System: Yes
Grip Material: Stainless Steel
Grip Size (Competition Hicap Only): Signature Grip
Grip Surface: MicroPockets (IMP) Aggressive with Mobius Cutout
Metal Grip Mag Catch: Left Side Checkered Magazine Release Button
Metal Grip Magwell: Aluminum - Plain XL - Silver Only
Metal Grip Mainspring Housing: Stainless Steel - Flat Silver
Trigger Guard - New: Double Under Cut (For Highest Grip)
Trigger Guard Profile: Infinity Traditional Square (ITS) (Most Common)
Hammer: Triple Xcelerated QB
Hammer Finish: Silver Finish
Dust Cover: Infinity Extended Dust Cover
Dust Cover Fluting: Xcelerator Flute 5 Cut
Frame Material: Stainless Steel
Frame Style: Competition (Wide body)
Grip Safety: Stainless Steel
ITI Rail cut: Rail Cut
Slide Lock Pin: Stainless
Steel Strut: Titanium
Thumb Safety Material: Stainless Steel
Thumb Safety Style: Right Handed Only Wide
California/ Massachusetts Resident: No
Gun type: Government (5 inch)
Infinity IMM Open: No (typical)
Pistol Finish: Stainless Finish (only on stainless materials)
Panel Cut: with Mobius engraving
Scope: None


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Is this still available or any more of your 200 9mm? HAHA just realized its from 2017.. but still im looking for one... thanks!

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