T1 Ammunition 147gr TMJ Competition Ammunition


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T1 Ammunition 147gr TMJ Competition Ammunition

I'm getting ready to head to Vegas to film The Big Gun Season II. This year both men and woman will be shooting head-to-head using Open Division guns and gear for the Big Gun title and $10,000 purse.

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So I had to dust off my trusty Infinity Firearms open pistol and do a bunch of ammo testing this week. I shot 5 round groups off of my CTK Precision rest at 20 yards. I have been experimenting with T1 Ammunition the past few months. I put it up against several types of match grade pistol ammunition and it was very impressive.

I put the new T1 147gr TMJ competition rounds up against the Atlanta Arms (AA) 147gr FMJ Subsonic reman that had been my go to match Ammo for several years. I shot both against some snappier AA 115gr JHP, some factory new AA 147gr TMJ, some super hot AA 147gr JHP 9mm major, Freedom Munitions 124gr Pro/Super Match, Walmart Federal 115gr bulk pink box, Walmart Remington UMC 115gr green box.

The pics of my groups are below.

The T1 147gr and AA 9mm major shot the best groups by far. They we're very similar sized with the hot major Ammo grouping slightly better. Obviously the major power factor Ammo isn't for every gun! In fact my open guns comp isn't dialed in for major Ammo even. So it was way to snappy tossing my dot all over the place. The other AA offerings performed well as I expected from past experience with their high quality match Ammo. The Wally World stuff was ok for government work. The Freedom Pro Match with the plated X-Treme Bullet suffered the worst group. Turns out the AET barrels that are used in most SVI pistols simply don't agree with plated bullets. The same thing happens with my .40 and 9mm iron sight Guns using played bullets unfortunately.

If you want to try some of the T1 use discount code "JESSET5" to save 5%. That puts this match grade Ammo at a very competitive price even compared with the El cheapo walmart stuff that is less accurate.

T1 Competition Ammunition



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These guys are local to me in FL. Great group of guys. They host one of our monthly 3gun matches. Gonna do a factory tour soon. Might post up some pics.