Taccom mag coupler PCC


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While I'm waiting for some Taylor freelance glock mag extenders to get back in Stock I figured I'd take a look at the taccom coupler. I just put this thing together and it's holding 51 rounds. No idea about reliability just yet, but all 51 have fed through the rifle a couple of times cycling it manually. If it runs consistently this setup should be good.



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Rustyzx9 said:
Uh...no, I did not know that. Damn.
you've got it assembled wrong too btw.
not really wrong, but there's a better way.

Pro Tip:
It'll function like you have it but if you run long mag on btm with the short spring in first, then the divider, then the long spring, then the follower.....the divider will never pass through the coupler & have the possibility of hanging up.

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