Tanfo S2, Witness P, Ruger 22/45, accessories


The white Morgan Freeman
Tanfoglio Stock 2 set up for USPSA: trigger job, Henning firing pin and hammer spring, extended FP safety plunger, Dawson front sight, single side safety, LOK G10 grips, Bladetech holster, Ghost mag pouches, RHT 3-Gun holster, all original parts and box. Four new mags, 2 practice mags, 1 mag with extension for 2-Gun and 3-Gun matches. Ghost pouches have bullets forward and bullets out buckets, and inserts to set them up for 1911 magazines.
$1100. This was my match gun. Practice gun has already sold.

Tanfoglio Witness P, like new, original box, $250. Great gun, I’m just moving to CZ.

Ruger 22/45, put on a FO front sight for Steel Challenge. Like new, only shot 350 rounds. 5 magazines, gun bag, original box. I never really shoot rimfire. $350

Extreme Shooters 2011 grip module with Dawson ICE magwell, $120

Shooters Connection Tournament Series Pro range bag. $50.

Other stuff, some could be free with purchase of stuff above.
Dawson 2011 grip tape, new in package, $10
Hogue 1911 grip, rubber with finger grooves, new, $10
Pachmayr G10 Tactical Grappler 1911 grips, new, $10
Make Ready Pro Shop shirt, medium, too small for me, free
A2 buttstock for AR15, $10
Certificate for Shooters Connection competition belt, $20
Hogue 1911 carry holster, new, free
Shooters Connection pistol pouches, $10

I may take trades and partial trades.