The best self defense ammo in the WORLD!


Around here, we have nothing but WWB and privi target ammo.
Got some Hornady Critical Defense for my wife's Sig when we bought it at H&H awhile back.


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The M15, M16 and M34 white phosphorus grenades were for signaling and masking. Their burst radius is inconsistent as it the distribution pattern, as were the artillery shell variants. They were never intended as anti personnel munitions. Although lanyard fired in most cases it is a poor choice compared to say a M590 "bee hive" round, or a "Copperhead" round out of the respective artillery piece. I thought you army guys knew that ;)
we had them for the L7 105mm main gun, and they were marked "incendiary" although the also would make one hell of a signal! :)
Never shot one. :(