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David Marlow said:
Yep. Would have greatly preferred a Razor, but couldn't come up with the money with all the other stuff my wife bought for me.
What is wrong with the Strike eagle?
FWIW I love my strike eagle.


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I just put a strike eagle in layaway two weeks ago, It seemed to have above average reviews for the price range from what I saw. Being a newb to 3gun it was a nice fit for my budget.
Hope to have it out soon so I can test drive it for myself.

Chad King

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Hard to beat a lifetime warranty! Especially when you know your going to be dumping the scopes at matches.

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I just ordered a Spitfire AR. It has a special knob to install after zeroing so you can quickly dial in BDC settings. Reports are that it is badass and pretty much dead on. Will test it after Production nationals. Not likely beforehand.