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El Diablo
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Another thumbs up for Vortex customer service today.

I called customer support on Wednesday about a problem with a viper red dot. They emailed me an overnight shpg label & I dropped it off at FedEx that evening. I had the replacement waiting for me when I got home today. I don't know of any other company that turns around replacement parts/products in 2 days.

Vortex is tits!!!

Burk Cornelius

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The prize table is coming together nicely


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Vortex is an amazing company... I run the Strike Eagle on my carbine and Razor HD on the the Razor hd 50 spotting scope, tripod and range finder and looking to get some kinda red dot from them still thinking about which model to pick... I love that brand, been wearing the vortex logo at every competition since I started.... happy to promote them! Nothing but great people and amazing products.


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I just picked up a 1-8, Awesome scope in a great price range _$450_

The strike eagles will go on my .22. The 1-8 may replace a razor

Ed Grissom

I've got the older Spitfire 1X and the newer Spitfire AR. They work great for Limited/Factory. Plan to use the AR in Practical this year instead of a magnified optic.

Thank you Vortex for supporting the shooting sports. I plan to keep supporting you.

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