The New Glock 44


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The G44 is out and being shipped to all the gun retail stores.
I have pre-ordered mine but can't pick it up until Monday the 20th. That's the release date.
Excited to have a Glock in 22LR the same size as the G19. It's going to be great for cheap training and to teach my wife and grandson to shoot.

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I could never get over the new grips feeling rather....too much when gripping to the point that it hurt. Might have to loosen my grip as I'd like to test this pistol out.


Long Live The Republic, God Bless America!
Well I just got back from the range and I put The Glock 44 through it paces.

Listed below is what I shot:
200 rounds of Winchester SuperX 40 grain hollow points
100 rounds of Blazer Brass 40 grain
100 rounds of Aguila 40 grain
The G44 ate every single one with NO hiccups.

This gun is a blast to shoot. Even though it's pretty light, It has next to no recoil what so ever.
I can see me using it a lot to train with and to teach my grandson to shoot.
So much better than my 1911 22lr pistols.

The only down fall to it is that I had to stop a lot and reload the 10 round magazines. But it was worth it. I will be getting more mags here in the very new future.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give the new Glock 44 a 10+.
I absolutely love this gun.



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I might have to go pick one of these up. That looks like a lot of fun. Any hi capacity mags out for it yet?


Long Live The Republic, God Bless America!
No not yet but I am sure they will be coming out in the next few months.
Extra mags are running between $30 and $36. I want to get an extra 5 or 10 but I am waiting until the newness wares off. lol


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Good review, thanks for posting.
Glad to hear it’s not picky on ammo.
I’ve got a sig mosquito that I really like but it would only work with CCI mini mag and stingers until I got several hundred rounds thru it