The Perfect Carry Gear


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And that is just for every day, you should see what he has when he goes to the mall!

Level IV plates and a .300 WinMag NEF Handi-Rifle in a briefcase.


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Did you see his picture in the background? It's hilarious!!! It's Joe Tactical with his AR who is being covers by Joe Tactical with his shotty who is being covered by Joe Tactical with his double G23's. Freakin' awesome yo!


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I carry a full size gun daily but not 45 lbs of gear like this Tacticool Mall Ninja. Has he looked at the video to see the back of his t-shirt with all of this crap on?

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Good gosh.

2 guns and 6 mags? Seriously?

I guess he misplaced his CCW badge that he wears on a chain like Dawg. Too bad, he would just be totally badass then.


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I have a hard enough time tryin to keep my britches up without all that crap hanging from them.


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I watched the in use video. This guy is a freaking genius!! He carries all that gear and you can't tell he is carrying anything at all!!!!! AWESOME!!!!

Can I change my screen name to Joe Tactical JR?!?!?!? I have found my IDOL!!!


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I can't imagine carrying that much stuff; sometimes, just my PF9 makes me feel like I"m carrying a load! I do think he's maybe slightly paranoid????