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Just wanted to give credit to the people who run this forum and those who frequent it. I'm very new to this site and it has quickly become one of my favorites. There seems to be some great people on here who love all different types of shooting sports, and love to introduce others to those sports. I have never heard of 3 gun or some of the others and man; I'm glad I came here and found them! I can't wait until I'm able to check out a 3 gun match...possibly a new addiction! There seems to be no shortage of good ole' boys willing to help a new guy out!

Danny Tanner

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Definitely a great site with some great knowledge and support.

If you weren't interested in competitions before this site, you'll definitely have an itch if you hang around for 5 minutes.

Thanks to BS for the site, big kudos to Jesse, Chambers, Kurt, and many others for all that they do for the site, the members, and the sport.

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