Tips for Winter Concealed Carry


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Shooting with gloves... it can be done. But like anything else, it's a learned skill that requires work and practice.

Now days... most nice dress gloves can be found with Thinsulate or some other wonder insulation that minimizes bulk. Around here...most days you just need to keep the wind off the skin and a thin glove will do that. I'd stay away from those thicket ski style gloves... just a lot of bulk to deal with.

A good thin deer or elkskin work glove offers a lot more "feel" than the thicker cow-hide gloves.

if you go with a bigger gun in the generally get a larger trigger guard. And most service type pistols have guards generous enough to get a light glove in there


one tip that is effective, if you get cold, or the gun is cold, i take my gun out and shoot about 7 shots in the air to warm it up!!

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