Trigger recommendations for a PCC build


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I'm torn between CMC Triggers, LaRue MTB 2S, Timney and Triggertech. However, I am leaning a bit more to the Triggertech but these triggers are not cheap. Any other recommendations? or advice feel free to chime in~ Thanks ~

Tyler Branstetter

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I tried to use my CMC in my pcc build and the JP bolt wouldn’t reset the trigger reliably. So I ended up going with the Rise 3.5lb trigger. It’s been great and probably the best trigger for the money in my opinion at around $100 for a drop in.

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I've had excellent results with the Hiperfire 24 series triggers. Got them in three Glock mag lowers. All were bought before the prices dropped. Just made a good deal a lot better.
I just put a Hipertouch 24 3g in my PSA Colt lower and it works great. Brownells has them on sale right now for $119.99. Use discount code M3P for an extra $10 off and free shipping. I don't think you can beat it for the money.


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Another vote for the Rise 434. It's worked great in mine after a little break in time.

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Cyrwus Jr.
Mitch Gibson said:
Milspec hammers are known to work in all PCCs. Literally every other modular trigger is known to be hit or miss.
Not exactly true.
The black rain 3.5 I use has been 100%
So has the Timney.
As long as the hammer isn't notched or otherwise short on the top portion, it'll run.

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