Trump goes Pro Gun Control


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It was only a matter of time and circumstance. Anyone that thought Donald Trump would stand up for gun rights in the face of political pressure should have had their head checked. The guy was a democrat all through the 90's and even if he calls himself a conservative now, he's a New Yorker. Oklahoma democrats care more about the rights of gun owners than New York republicans. Just look at the biggest donor to gun control causes in the nation - Republican former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

So here's the scary part. Trump has done so much damage to the Republican party by acting like an idiot child for the last year, that there's a really good chance democrats will make significant gains in the fall election. We have two incumbent republican senators who aren't even seeking reelection because they don't want to be seen as supportive of the Trump administration. If the dems win control of both houses, and Trump still has a job after November, significant gun control laws could be headed our way. Whether that's an AWB or some other bullshit, we'll have to wait and see.

Personally, I would start bracing for the worst.

Also, if you're one to believe this is some kind of smear campaign perpetrated by the liberal media, just watch the video in the NYT article link posted below.

Here's the Fox News coverage:




StealthESW said:
Not sure how to comment on this one, so I leave it to all of you.

This was posted on Facebook by a woman running for Congress.

:wtf: :nono:

This is her alleged response.
She's a fawking idiot that thinks gun free zones in schools are there to protect the children.
Keep in mind, gun grabbers love a school shooting.
Wrap your head around that one.

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