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The High Hit Factors for all USPSA classifier stages were updated in all USPSA Divisions on May 1. More than 50% of the 78 unique classifiers reviewed saw no change from the 2018 reset, more than 40% saw less than a 1% increase, and less than 10% saw small increases of up to 5% in all handgun Divisions and slightly higher in PCC Division. USPSA Open, Limited, Production, Single Stack, Revolver, and PCC divisions were updated to reflect the High Hit Factor as an average of the ten best scores to date in each division with anomalies of over 130% thrown out of the group per the standard update protocol used in 2018, and consistent with individual classifier reviews conducted in the past. USPSA Limited 10 High Hit Factors are based on Limited Division data. USPSA Carry Optics Division High Hit Factors are based on Production Division data. The small amount of data in new or smaller divisions does not yet represent enough of a sample group to establish unique High Hit Factors for these Divisions. USPSA will continue to evaluate performance in these Divisions until they have their own data support for unique High Hit Factors.

Due to this update, it is important for all USPSA Affiliate authorized Score Uploaders to be aware that if they perform a re-upload of any results for matches held prior to May 1 that contain a classifier, it will result in a complete recalculation for all competitors from that match using the new High Hit Factors. If there is a simple correction that is needed for a match that had already been submitted prior to May 1, please email [email protected] with any requested changes to avoid affecting all competitor classification scores.


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So what is the opinion of those on the forum? The increase in HF is (1) due to better equipment or (2) due to shooters getting better?


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Reshoots in Area 6, mainly. Overall shooters are getting better as the culture evolves, but classifier reshoots are the main factor.

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