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Hi guy's its time to upgrade my scope, probably on Monday. I'm leaning towards the vortex strike eagle 5-25×56. Has anyone used one that can give me some honest feedback? Its within my budget, but I can get a pst 2 for not to much more than my budget. I'm using a diamondback tactical 6-24 right now. Let's hear what you guys think.

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Hey Palmer,
on board. Sure wish I could give you some honest and sincere feedback for your question. As a suggestion, and sometimes this is good and sometimes gets ugly, I'll look to some of the internet folks who sell that scope and read the reviews that buyers have offered.

It's a bit comical at first, but this guy really seems to be honest with his reviews:



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I’m not sure about that model of strike Eagle but I have the 1-6 strike Eagle and wasn’t impressed with the adjustments. The turrets didn’t have a positive click when making adjustments and it just felt a little sloppy. The glass in mine is clear like my other vortex optics and it has good field of view. The turret adjustments were the only thing I was dissatisfied with.

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