Urban Carry G2

Burk Cornelius

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I saw this "new" holster style online and really thought it was the answer to a problem that doesn't exist. Anyone else feel the same. The idea of basically pulling the entire holster out of your waistband exposing the gun THEN grabbing the gun, seems like a dropped gun or AD waiting to happen. Unless I am just misunderstanding how it works (possible)



Although the models are quite attractive, it seems like the printing would be more than obvious with the entire gun below your waistband.



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Looks like it might print less than front pocket carry and possibly faster draw. I find it interesting but will wait for someone else to be the guinea pig.

SGW Gunsmith

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I just discovered how nice this Urban Carry holster is for my Ruger LC9s. Holding the holster tight is adjustable and as for me, I don't care for a top, cross-over strap. This holster has an internal type grip-clip that snaps around the front of the trigger guard and is adjustable for how strong you want it to hold your pistol in place. Draw is really easy. I really like the way it works:



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I have used this with a small frame Sig P938, it very comfortable and is not noticeable with a relaxed pair of jeans . The downfall is its almost impossible to draw from the seated position or driving in car.