VETERAN'S DAY 11/11/17


Thanks for remembering.
I'm out of town at the moment. When I get back, I'll post the only pic I have of my time in the Army. 16 years total between active duty and Army Reserve time.
I had a big tub of pictures that my mom stored in her basement for me as I moved around a lot back in the day.
When she passed, that tub was in a room that was off limits for the auction of the house/possessions and still somebody got in there and stole that tub. Wedding pics, kids growing up etc.
I have a yearbook kind of thing that has a staff pic in it that is the only thing left.
Sad people have to steal like that.
Thank you to all of the veterans from another. They are the 1% of the population that volunteers to keep our liberty and freedoms safe with some putting their lives on the line and leaving families at home to travel and do their duty to the country.

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