Not announced, but she has no path to victory. Well, totally slim, but the way its trending, she is toast.

Let the .22 RF flow!


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Steve McGinley said:
Who announced I haven't seen any networks project winner yet
I announced.

It isn't official yet, but he gets WI and AZ where he is pretty far ahead. That puts him at 264 and MI and PA are in his favor. PA is almost 98% reported and 1% in Trump's favor. PA is 20 votes. He might break 300.


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Haha, my absentee ballot got counted even though I intentionally didn't notarize it under 12 OS 426. I wasn't sure they would accept it.


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Burk Cornelius said:
I hate the electoral college.
the college may have saved this election from the Dancing Chicken media loving New Yorkers and the California Commies from giving it to her by popular vote. We don't want commiefornia and new york deciding that

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