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Thanks for all the help with the new handguard and all the BEER. Don't hesitate to call me when you want to come out and shoot my steel.


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Well Tony has helped with my addiction with a new handgaurd for the AR, stopped by on his way home and dropped it off by my work even! Tony is a good dude Later,



bought some XDM mag ext. from him... GREAT price, service and he keep me in the loop on everything... will be contacting him in the future for any other competition needs i have...


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Got my shotgun gear for my FN, base plates for my 45 that I couldnt find. Id rather give tony my hard earned cash than blow it on some big named website. Tonys the man


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Tony got some parts for me last week. I talked to him Tuesday evening and my stuff was here the following Friday exactly as promised. Pricing was fair and he even delivered my order to me at the match Saturday.

Thanks Tony!


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I messaged Tony the night before Double Tap and he had the Dawson magazine extensions for me the next morning. Faster than Midway & more than happy to help.
Thanks Tony

Oleg Tolmachev

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Got Glock mag extensions from Wall. Called me back within half an hour and I had the gear the following day. Awesome to deal with!