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As always Tony is good to go. took a break from shooting getting ready to shot again this year needed a few things ordered today and shipped today thanks , Tony


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I bought my belt from MRPS before I even tried a match. It was shipped quickly. Also emailed them asking a question and received a prompt response. I was happy with them before I ever met Tony, or shot a match. Can't beat a deal like that!


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Ordered on Wednesday, got it today! New front sight in. Ready to try it out and the new belt at the USPSA match tomorrow in Tulsa.



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Bought some pistol and AR internals from MRPS this week and got the parts yesterday. Thank you sir, for the prompt service.


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^^^agreed. Tony is good people...a little handsy...but good people. Dont worry your mental scars will last longer than the physical ones


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What can I say that hasn't. Great communication with Tony before my order and super fast shipping. Thank Tony box should be here tomorrow if USPS isn't lying.


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I've said it before and i will say it again, Make ready pro shop/Tony are da bomb! thanks again for great quick service and always answering questions i may have! If every business was ran like Make ready this world would be a better place:)