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[from the program administrator Tommy Thacker]

We are supporting a great group of shooters this year and we are looking forward to spreading the Timney experience of crazy good product and crazy good customer service so please keep us in the loop with any news positive or negative so we can jump on it ASAP.

Thank you all for your patience while I have been getting this all together. From here on out it should roll smoothly… Any request made for product will be shipping soon.

Our sponsored shooter list for 2016 is:

Tommy Thacker
Greg Jordan
Nick Atkinson
Hunter Cayll
Chris Cerino
Michelle Cerino
Colton Cerino
Larry Houck
Sterling White
Tim Norris
Regina Milkovich
Tim Milkovich
Eric Hendricks
Dave Sevigny
Mark Hanish
Erik Lund
Scott McGregor
Charles Tate Moots
Joe Satterfield
Chris Fleming
Pat Doyle
Todd Sindelar

We also will be supporting the BoomerShooter group as Ambassadors for the brand. We may add new ambassadors down the road however, the sponsored shooter list is set for 2016. We will reevaluate the program in October as we prepare for 2017.

If you are at a match and see the Timney logo on a shirt stop and say Hi to your brothers and sisters and make sure you are there for one another. We need to support each other where we can and ensure that everyone knows what we are about.

I look forward to the 2016 season and wish you all the best of luck in your adventures and thank you all for your support in spreading the Timney message.

All the best,

[SIZE=12pt]Tommy Thacker[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Professional Shooter[/SIZE]



Will I get voted out at tribal council?

Seriously, thanks to Timney Triggers for being involved with BoomerShooter!

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