What Are You Thinking About Concerning The Protection of Your Castle?

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I'm trying to find a "belt fed" Benelli M4 .26 Gauge that will hopefully arrive in my Easter basket. One case each of #00 & #000 buckshot 12 gauge would be nice Madam Bunny.
I don't suppose M18 Claymores will ever go on sale at WalMart, or trip-wire flares at the local farm & barn.
It's really a shame that with all the turmoil going on around the US and the "how do we protect our families" concern has struck this fine country. Maybe we've just gotten too dang complacent over these last four years of progression toward GOOD things happening during that period. Even with my trusting attitude, I'm getting a tad worried about some of the "uglies" and what they are allowed to do, even with LEO's standing by, handcuffed and just watching.


I'm pretty much relying on cameras to give alerts to anything developing. The new cameras that use cell phone technology to send motion alerts to my phone are scattered around our 3/10 mile driveway.
Cams around the outside of the home let us know if someone is lurking outside. If someone is detected the cam sets off the security lights.
Living in the country, we get a lot of motion from critters that are moving around the house and on the driveway, but we do occasionally get an alert of someone at the house. All friendly's so far.

SGW Gunsmith

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Being on our road, the road ends where the boat ramp is for the lake, so there's only one way in and then back out, so I don't worry too much about "invaders" as the two neighbors we have who live closest to the main Highway where our road begins are good for alerting. Both of them are shooters and we have a pact that, if anyone lookin' like ANTIFA tries to use this road as a parade route, the one neighbor plans on pulling his tractor out to block any bad intenders from exiting without getting "pierced by Glock".
Otherwise, the only visitors we need to put up with are native to the 760 acres surrounding our empire:

And, they were here first before we invaded their sanctuary, so accomodation is only fair.

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They do get bigger. That's why I carry my .454 Casull in August when we go out back to pick black cap berries. I can't run as fast as I use to anymore. ;)

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