What Type of Scope Is On Your .22 Rifle?

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I know dang well that most serious .22 rimfire rifle shooters are now using much better scopes than were used back in the mid 50's with those awful 3/4 inch tubes that many of us had then, and now need to pay for expensive eyeglasses because of all the squinting we needed to do to see something more than 15 feet away through those crappy scopes.

When I started talking all my customers who had those #2 lead pencil diameter scopes into trying a much better one-inch diameter scope, like a Weaver 3x back then, most all of 'em were glad they transitioned to a much better light gathering optic where they can now see their target much better. These days it's quite normal to mount a one-inch optic or a red-dot sight of some sort. My preference is for an optic that has an adjustable objective, variable power ring from at least 6x to 32x with an objective of 44, or so. Even better, is if the optic has adjustments in 1/8 th increments, or at least ¼ inch.
When I removed those $7.50 cent scopes from .22 rifles, I gave those to the kids around here who had pellet rifles, and even mounted those for free. Those youngin's did right well with squirrels and bunnies peering through those awful scopes, but with much younger eyeballs.

Got a favorite .22 rimfire rifle scope? Let's here about how you set your rifle up:




My Competition .22 is in the AR platform with a Nordic NC-22 upper. It sports a red dot to get on the steel quick at the range and with a QD weapons mounted light on the forearm after the match, armadillos and other varmints in the yard at night, although I do have to use the green dot after dark.
The next is in a Nordic replacement stock that converted a standard 10-22 into what appears to be an AR platform. It sports a red/green dot as well. I have it for a loaner if someone wants to shoot steel challenge but doesn't have a rifle set up for it.
Third is a stock 10-22 that was a special make for Walmart only. Stainless with a woodland green laminated stock. Quite a unique and good looking rifle. It had a cheap bushnell on it for awhile until the crosshairs broke. You could shake it around and watch them move.
Recently bought a Primary Arms rimfire scope that's interesting on a whim to try. It has a BDC capability including windage marks. out to 300 yards.
I've read lots of good reports on it so decided to give it a try as one of our gun club members is starting a rimfire match that can go out to 300 yards and distances in between.
Zero'd it at the range one day but have not tried the long distance claims as of yet.


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I have a vortex crossfire II 4-12x40 on my Ruger American rim fire. I need to go put some rounds through that rifle since 22 is something a have a lot of.


I'm kind of like Hoddy here. Ar chassis on a few 10-22's, mostly red dots, one with a trijicon acog that arrived randomly from a friend in Afghanistan (never asked, never told) but my hunting platform I like BSA's sweet series. Think I have a 6-18x44 on at the moment, it's clear enough for the effective range of a minimag. The rings that came with it though, they ended up in the trash.

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