What's your fun gun?

Adam Striegel

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Which of your guns do you just love to shoot?

I have a Ruger 10/22 with a 3-9/40 scope and bipod that I just love to shoot. I go out shoot as much as possible because it's just a fun gun to shoot and 22lr is still fairly cheap.

To really give it a good look, I ordered one of those m1 carbine stocks for it and going to get a g36 stock too. After they come in I'm going to take the stocks and have some laser engraving or custom paint done.

So what's yours?


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Probably my kids m&p15/22 with a suppressor. There's just something cool about a .22 quieter than a pellet gun!


Cyrwus Jr.
Well I don't know about the M&P upper, but I've put my CMMG .22 kit in a suppressed M16 before, It's stupid fast. We were making water shows in a pond.


Those little crank handles that mount on the trigger guard and fire 4 rounds per revolution make a hell of a water show in the pond.

Adam Striegel

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I finally stuck my m1 carbine stock on my 10/22. Left the scope and bipod off it and looking for those special magazines that look like the originals. Now it looks good and fun to shoot. :D


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I like shotguns. Nothing like going full lead hose on poppers and clays. Right now its a Super X2 until I get my acceptance letter to the University of Benelli.


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My STI Edge. It feels like an extension of my hand. Shooting it feels like home. Anything else feels slightly strange and uncomfortable by comparison.

Second would be my Dad's S&W Model 617. There's something awesome about a full sized L frame S&W revolver that shoots .22. The gun is so heavy you can barely feel any recoil at all.