What's your fun gun?


Cyrwus Jr.
I like to shoot the MKIII 22/45 as well, but those damn ammo hoarders/gougers have made it to where I can't play as much as I want to.


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Matt I feel your pain I got a 22/45 Lite and my 22 suppressor just in time for all of the gouging to start I got a brick of remington 22 when I got the pistol and I have been trying to stretch that out. My other fun gun is my 300 BLK SBR.


.22's are my favorite fun fun.
Like Matt, the hoarders and gougers keep me from shooting for fun. SC matches and the random armadillo are the only thing that ammo gets used on.
Since I got the Nordic NC-22 upper, the 10-22 hasn't came out of the safe.


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It's a tie between my S&W 686 and the 625.

Love the 686 to bits but then how can you not love the full moon clips and 45 rounds of the 625.


My fun gun now is the cheapest AR I built during the years when prices were in the atmosphere.
Using all used parts bought online. Had less than $500 as I remember when AR’s were going for $2K.
It’s far from a tack driver, but banging the three steel plates at 100 yards at our range in a mag dump is about as good as it gets for shooting fun.


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MikeF said:
I like shotguns. Nothing like going full lead hose on poppers and clays. Right now its a Super X2 until I get my acceptance letter to the University of Benelli.
Forgot I posted this. I have since purchased a Benelli M1 and it is indeed a blast. However, my real favorite is my other M1...Garand.

Super fun, super badass.

Ron J

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My favorites ... can't pick just one.

M1A Scout. I took the scope off and put on an EOTech and it is so much fun to shoot.
Marlin GSBL ... Added a Skinner Sight and a Wild West "Happy" Trigger. Huge difference with the new sights and trigger.

Behlert tuned Browning Hi Power. Amazing gun.
SIG P220 tuned by Robert Burke (SIG ARMORER). Has a 7# DA trigger pull and a 2.75 SA pull.
SW 629 (no dash) 4" ... tuned and ported by Larry Kelly. I pull this out when I want people to leave the lane next to me.


My how things have changed since this post was started. Box of bulk 550 round federal .22 RF ammo was going for $100 a box at gun shows and they couldn't keep it in stock.
Now it's easy to find at .04 cents a round. Recently bought CCI .22 mag in 50 round boxes for $5.
I'm stocking it deep. Never get caught with out .22 RF ever again.