Which Pistol Bullets ?


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This is kind of an old thread. Since the last post, many of us have started using Bayou Bullets. We had a group buy on them a while back. Since then there's been quite a few converts. They're great bullets & he seems to be able to deliver within a resonable amount of time.


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I ran through 2k of the bayou and they are good bullets. On a side note bubber won some bbi and they wasn't correctly sized. I guess if I got something that is working I'm not going to tinker with it


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Mitch I'm running them and have had no problems but I've only shot 1K so far, funny they seem the barrel seems to be cleaner than when I was shooting jacketed bullets. Here in the near future I'm going to need to get with Donnie to have some more sent my direction.

Mitch your shooting a 40 right? I don't recall but if so I can give you a few to try out and see what you think, of the 3 Glocks I've shot them thru they shot wonderful. Later,



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Check out Bayou Bullets made by Donnie Michelac. It is Jerry's brother, the bullets have a in house green coating on them. I have put about 1500 thru a stock glock barrel and there is no leading. They are priced very close to lead bullets but with the non issue of leading and smoke much less than lead. I really like them and now shoot them in my limited gun!!!




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I have been shooting Montana Gold 124 gr 9mm for quite a while. Looks like Bayou Bullets are about $31 cheaper for 3500 shipped to my zip code. Works out to a little less than a penny per round.


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This is great news, guys. Kirk, I'm shooting 9mm, and will probably do so all next year. Unless Jeremy's M&P is still for sale in late Jan/early-mid Feb. Or a similar gun comes up around then. It's time to move to .40S&W with a quickness.


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Is there a reason that nobody uses Berry's Plated Bullets? I've been running the 115gr 9mm with 4.1gr of Titegroup with great results. Shoots like WWB and is a LOT cheaper.