Who carries Full size?


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Not much more full size than that, unless it had a 6" barrel.

I'm sure it's been seen before... but what they hey, I like posting it.



I don't have my CCW yet - but I have a CZ75D PCR - compact - that I plan on carrying - it currently is next to my bed but will def carry after I get my CCW...

I carry a CZ compact clone (Sarsilmaz Hancer 2000) but can hide a full size Witness as well. I used a Don Hume IWB for Taurus PT111 but got sick of it moving around so built my own Kydex/Leather IWB. Took a couple of versions to get it right but am very happy with it now. It works for both full size and compact CZ clones with a rounded trigger guard. I am only 5'7" or so but am a bit on the heavy side which helps me hide it.


Carry a pocket pistol, but anytime I'm in a vehicle, There is a full size .40 within reach with a couple of spare mags in the console.


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The way I hear a lot of people talk, I often wondered if I was the only one that carried a full size conceal carry gun, M&P40. I just couldn't think about having to defend my self with such a small gun as a LCP 380. The caliber doesn't bother me, it just that I train with a full size, I compete with a full size, and when I have a hold of it, I know I have a hold of it, unlike a small compact.

Mitch Rapp

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I carry a full size Glock 17 most of the time. Just got a kel-tec P3AT for when I am not allowed to carry.


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I do carry my SW 5904 from time to time. Then again its not as large as some of the others carried. I also carry my 3" 624 N-frame during winter.


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ExSniper said:
I carry a full-size 1911 in a Milt Sparks SSII for concealed carry and either that or a Glock 21 on duty.
Ex Sniper, how do you like that holster? Do you carry your 1911 on your side or appendix carry?